This week unfortunately started a little somber for us as we got devastating personal news, but in looking for a bright light in it, we are introducing a new weekly segment that is hopefully gonna allow you to have something to look forward to!

  • “This is the beginning of a new day. 
  • God has given me this day to use as I will.
  •  I can waste it or use it for good. 
  • What I do today is very important because I am exchanging a day of my life for it. 
  • When tomorrow comes, this day will be gone forever,
  • leaving something in its place I have traded for it. 
  • I want it to be gain, not loss —
  •  good, not evil. 
  • Success, not failure
  •  in order that I shall not forget the price I paid for it.”

We then talk about the alderman meeting:

  1. An alderman meeting is never meant to be exciting, but this one of the first that made me happy to be at.  It started off by celebrating the 3 in a row state champions Olive Branch women’s basketball team.  You can see that photo on our facebook page and twitter!  NEXT- Our alderman reapproved some changes in the Belle Pointe neighborhood. It was close to the Southaven border and they didn’t want houses in both cities.  They lowered the minimum sq. st for the 22 lots from 3,000 sqft to 2750 sqft.  It was reported in the staff report that the removal of 250 sqft doesn’t affect the integrity of the neighborhood.  

The second thing on the agenda was to decide if a Conveinent store and gas station should be placed at the intersection of HWY 302 and Old Goodman rd E.  It was unanimously approved, under the condition that the city engineers determine the necessity and extent of a deceleration lane.  There must also be a sidewalk on the Old Goodman rd E, we will keep you posted on its developments.

The highlight of the night was an inspired debate on behalf on Mark Utley who owns a plot of land and a business building near OB Park.  He wanted to add a 50’ wide public right-of-way on the east side connecting Caroma rd to OB Park.  The Alderman had a lot of worries adding another thru road to the city park.  Mayor Scott Phillips didn’t like the idea about the possibility of adding traffic, especially with bigger events.  Police Commissioner Gammage did not want this to come to fruition due to bigger events, and the possibility of having to man them, or worry about thru traffic.  No one saw a need for this and it was denied unanimously. With trying to combine private property to city property the alderman have a lot of ground to stand on to deny this proposal. 

The last main thing that was talked about was to approve a professional services agreement with Neal-Schaffer INC. for sanitary sewer rehab/replacement in old towne.  The amount is not to exceed $87,760.00.  (US Army Corp of engineers 75% in federal gran funds totaling $1,600,00.00 and City of Olive Branch 25% estimated at $400,000.00.

It then went into executive session to discuss: personnel matter in planning department, concessions department (new hires and employee promotions and salary increases), discuss with city attorney pursuant to Miss. Code Ann. Section 25-41-7 (4) (b).

Afterwards we talk about the Byhalia pipeline; several political figures are piping in on stopping the pipeline..  It is fantastic to see the community come together as one, Memphis native and superstar along with the city council mayor Lee Harris and Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland have all come out against the pipeline in the past few days. MCAP (Memphis Community Against Pipeline) is doing some fantastic work and causing real change, as Plains All American has requested for a two week mutual pause. Dr. Jeff Warren, Memphis City Council Member said, “The reason that we did a two-week pause is we got word from the Memphis chamber of commerce there were some local businesses that had questions and wanted to have some input,” Plains All American is disputing MCAP’s claim that their pipeline will affect the drinking water.  The most important thing is on May 4th to get the city council to protect the cities drinking water.

Some important senate and house bills that Tate Reeves was able to pass earlier this month. We also introduce another new weekly segment Fact of the Week! We were lucky enough to interview Jay Nichols about the Dream Center’s food distribution, we then interview the Principal of Award Winning Lewisburg Elementary Sherry Anderson and some PTO parents. We then finish it all off with Lewisburg head baseball coach Rusty Cagle and some baseball players as we head into sports and a movie review!!!