OB Pod is back talking about one of the main things that had us starting this podcast ANNEXATION! Judge Lynchard has made his decision and tentatively granted Olive Branch 18.8 square miles.

  • 18.8 Square miles added
  • Small area SW of Olive Branch- College road, Bridgeforth Rd, Dunn Ln, (Spring Place subdivision, Summers Creek subdivision)
  • NE Desoto County east of Olive Branch Center hill Rd, Goodman (Fox Creek Subdivision, Braybourne Subdivision)
  • 660 new residents
  • 2300 Households
  • Not over yet, any person or city can appeal this decision

The Olive Branch alderman meeting did not have much going on.  A lot of the agendas were pushed to later, May 4th, meeting so we could get more information.  The big ticket on the docket was Mayor Scott Phillips declaring the month of April Child Abuse Prevention Month, a lot of this was due to the work that Healing Hearts Child Advocacy Center, does behind the scenes and in the public.  A huge shoutout to Darlene Cunningham for all of her hard work.  They then went into executive session to discuss personnel matters, presumably, for the upcoming annexation.

Listen in for a review for a week in sports and a movie review on King Kong v Godzilla.

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