A lot has happened this week. The world looked a little bit more normal with events happening around DeSoto County! The school year is coming to a close and all of the Valedictorians and salutatorians have been named.

Center Hill High School

Valedictorian: Alexandria Edwards

Salutatorian: Alexandra Snyder

Star Student: Carson Ewing

Star Teacher: Toni Coleman

DeSoto Central High School

Valedictorian: Logan Deutschmann

Salutatorian: Mary Claire Hopper

Star Student: Sophia Davis

Star Teacher: Ashley Webb

Horn Lake High School

Valedictorian: Lucio Trejo

Salutatorian: Robert Anthony Rainey

Star Student: Lucio Trejo

Star Teacher: Missy Walker

Lake Cormorant High School

Valedictorian: Grace Smith

Salutatorian: Delaney Wilson

Star Student: Christina Lancaster

Star Teacher: Lisa Hutchinson

Lewisburg High School

Valedictorian: Haley Morgan

Salutatorian: Gabe Dennis

Star Students: Benjamin Armstrong, Gabe Dennis, Jason Hoffman, and John McCommon

Star Teachers: Maggie Dennis, Amy Hoffman, and Tracy Hunter

Olive Branch High School 

Valedictorian: Symantha Cummings

Salutatorian: Elizabeth Salutatorianyards

Star Student: Symantha Cummings

Star Teacher: Christine Hicks

Southaven High School

Valedictorian: Win Win Tjong

Salutatorian: Learra Alip

Star Student: Learra Alip

Star Teacher: Julie Pasterchick

With the end of Spring Cleaning day DeSoto County is now heading into Hazard Waste day on May 15th. Feel free to share or tag us in any Spring Cleaning photos you have @OB Pod on Facebook and Twitter. We are #BackWithBob to talk about KJ Wright’s 7-on-7 program he has put together (https://desotocountynews.com/desoto-county-sports/k-j-wright-holds-7-on-7-team-tryouts/). We finish things up with Sports (High School Baseball and Softball) and a Game of Thrones 10 year anniversary rundown. Feel free to reach out to us on social media or email: [email protected]. You can listen to us on any podcast app!