Reports of unemployment fraud continue to rise as scammers look for ways to cash in during the ongoing pandemic. The Mississippi Department of Employment Security urges Mississippians to remember the following when filing for unemployment insurance benefits:

  • No Fee – There is no fee to file for unemployment compensation. MDES will never ask for a debit card or other method of payment in order to process a claim. If you receive a phone call from someone identifying themself as a representative of the Mississippi Department of Employment Security or MDES, do not send money.
  • False Websites – Several websites advertise they can assist claimants in filing for unemployment benefits. Some of these sites offer services free of charge and others charge for services. These sites often ask for confidential/private information, such as your Social Security number, address, work history, and email address. Use only the official MDES website to file for unemployment benefits. MDES does not work with, nor endorse any private service claiming to assist applicants in applying for unemployment insurance benefits.
  • Personal Documents – Some solicitors will ask claimants to upload a copy of their driver’s license, birth certificate, etc. MDES will only notify you through agency-issued correspondence to ask for your documentation to be uploaded within your secure MDES account.