This week OB Pod has one of the most important episodes we have ever produced! We have both Mayoral candidates on answering questions submitted to us by listeners! So thank you to the Olive Branch community for getting involved and helping make this such an important episode. As we do every week it starts off with announcements; and there were a few doozies as the Olive Branch annexation became official on Friday May the 28th, check out Bob Bakkens article here (, Homer Skeleton Ford donated enough money to OBPD to get every officer a body cam, and a memorial day embrace is taking place at Blocker cemetery today. We also have a funny and entertaining fact of the week, followed by a new segment in the outro!
Polling Locations Ward 1: Olive Branch Fire Station #2 Craft and 78 Ward 2: Summers Hill FIre Station at Pleasnt Hill road north of Goodman, next to Pleasent Hill Elementary Ward 3: Nicholas Community Center on Highway 178 by Hacks Cross Road Ward 4: Olive Branch Fire Station Downtown Ward 5: Olive Branch Fire Station at Hacks Cross by the airport Ward 6: Olive Branch Senior Citizens Center by the DMV and library