Walmart is limiting the number of customers in its stores to five persons per 1,000 square feet. The store is providing signage outside the stores to help customers comply with the new standards. Once a store is at its capacity, new customers may enter when others leave. Many stores will introduce one-way aisles to promote further social distancing (

On Monday, Kroger announced several measures to promote social distancing and limiting the spread of CoronaVirus. According to its website, beginning 4/7/20, the organization will limit the number of customers to 50% of the store’s capacity, according to building codes. Using their existing technology, they will allow for one customer per 120 square feet of floor space. Additionally, Kroger encourages employees to use protective masks and gloves and to check for fever for coming to work. They are piloting one-way aisles to determine if doing so will promote further social distancing.

On April 4, Target started limiting the number of customers in its store, according to each location’s total square footage. When needed, the chain is providing a social distancing waiting area outside the store while waiting for entry (