Coronavirus Scams and Myths

Here are some tips and facts to keep you from becoming a victim of a fraud or spreading false information about Coronavirus (COVID-19): The government is NOT making any phone calls that request your... Read More.

Shelter In Place: What You Need to Know

The Mississippi Shelter-In-Place order takes affect at 5 p.m. on Friday, April 3, 2020, and will remain in place until Monday, April 20, 2020, at 8 a.m. This order does not mean that you should... Read More.

COVID-19 Death in Desoto County

The Mississippi Department of Health reported the first COVID-19 related death in Desoto County over the weekend.  As of Sunday, MSDH listed 77 cases in Desoto County, the highest number of any county in... Read More.

Southaven Mayor’s “Stay Away” order

Southaven Mayor Darren Musselwhite wrote this letter that we retrieved from the City of Southaven's website:  "Throughout this crisis, I’ve informed my citizens that, along with my team of advisers, department heads, and Board... Read More.

Mississippi Unemployment Benefits

Mississippi workers unable to work due to COVID-19 are now eligible to file for unemployment benefits. The Mississippi Department of Employment Security (MDES) announced existing unemployment compensation requirements have been adjusted, allowing more people... Read More.

COVID-19 Death in Tunica, County MS

TUNICA, MS - Tunica County officials announced what will become the first COVID-19 related death in Northwest Mississippi on Thursday.  The woman was between the age of 75-80 and a patient of a long-term... Read More.