Ep. 11 Leaders of the Community

This week we are lucky enough to put some of the cities leaders in front of microphones and let you know how they help us and look after us and the future generations.... Read More.

OB Pod: Winners Continue To Win

https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/epi-9-winners-continue-to-win/id1552315835?i=1000518616521 This week unfortunately started a little somber for us as we got devastating personal news, but in looking for a bright light in it,... Read More.

OB Pod: Winds of Change

A lot has happened this week. The world looked a little bit more normal with events happening around DeSoto County! The school year is coming to... Read More.

OB Pod

OB Pod is back talking about one of the main things that had us starting this podcast ANNEXATION! Judge Lynchard has made his decision and tentatively granted Olive Branch 18.8 square miles. ... Read More.

MS Lawmakers Mull Medicaid Revisions

By Newsroom One of Mississippi legislators’ most important jobs is to keep Medicaid alive beyond June 30, the end of the current state budget year. Medicaid is a health insurance... Read More.